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We understand that your home is one of your biggest assets. We make sure that your floor and belongings are well protected the entire time. We also specialize in colour matching, we can help you to match your existing colour if you want to touch up walls or paint one coat just to refresh your walls. When you are looking for an affordable interior painter in the Toronto Greater Area that gets the best results at the right price, you need to call us at Premium Colour Painting. We have been providing a better quality of home interior painting at fair pricing, and more homeowners turn to us for their jobs.  Having repeat customers and referrals also tells us that we’re doing something right.

It seems as if the only two types of contractors are either fast and cheap, or expensive professional interior painters. However,  we take pride that we have found the right pricing that works. Our team can achieve your best finish without costing more or taking longer than we need to.  Providing better home interior painting services can be time-consuming, but we never take longer than we need to give you a better-looking home. We will be on the job till it is done. 

Interior Painting Process

Our Process

More likely than not, we are working in homes and spaces that our customers are still living in. That is why we take extra care when painting interior spaces that we follow precise steps to protect existing furniture and property.  On the day we begin, the very first thing is to ensure that:
  • All furniture is moved to the center of the room and covered completely with plastic
  • All floors are well covered with drop cloths and construction paper

Prep Work: 
A properly prepared surface ensures an even smooth coat of paint that lasts.  The steps to our prep process include: 

  • All surfaces to be painted are scuff-sanded, cleaned and wiped down
  • Walls are gently scuff-sanded to help paint adhesion
  • Any existing holes or cracks are filled in and smoothed
  • Watermarks or stains are first sealed with high quality mold-resistant sealants
  • All areas cleaned again to remove any dust
Additional Prep Services: 
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Removing adhesives from walls that had wallpaper
  • Compound, Sanding and smoothing faulty wall surfaces
Painting Process:
  • All areas to be painted are primed if necessary
  • Paint colors are confirmed
  • Edges of walls & trim are carefully cut-in with hand held brushes
  • Paint is applied to larger surfaces, walls and ceilings with rollers and brushes
  • After drying time, second or third coats are applied if necessary to ensure even coverage and perfect saturation of color. 
Our job would not be complete without properly cleaning up each day of work! We make sure that: 
  • All work areas are swept and vacuumed
  • All furniture is put back in place
  • Remaining paint is left with customer for touch ups
  • Used materials are properly disposed of
  • Double check that the customer is happy with our job! 

Some of Our Work Example of Interior Painting

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